Kairi Pudina / Aam Panha

As the summer descends upon us, we find ourselves reaching for things that can soothe our parched souls not to mention our tastebuds. This recipe is perfect for both. Quick- so you don’t end up spending hours slaving over the hot stove and tart and sweet enough to make you glad kachi kairi season is here, looking at the bright side, always ;).




I am an extremely firm believer in organic and local produce, as you might have known if you’ve been following me on instagram. This recipe, as do almost all of my others uses all organic and local produce.


Kairi Pudina

Serves 5/6


4 raw mangoes

1 big bunch of mint leaves

Himalayan Pink salt

Black salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Freshly ground roasted cumin

Jaggery/ Brown sugar/ Stevia to taste


Method :

Wash the mangoes and mint thoroughly. Boil the mangoes, skin and all and cool.

Pick the leaves off the mint and keep aside to drain.

Scoop out the mango pulp [ scrape it off the skin and the seed as well] and give it a churn along with the mint leaves in the mixer. Add the rest of the spices to taste. Keep in the fridge for a few hours to chill. Serve mixed with chilled water and ice.