The lush greens of Alleppey

Kerala’s backwaters have been popularised through innumerable hindi movies and music videos. The lush greenery and shiny, happy faces that surround you while your stay are second only to the beauties of the hills of Munnar.

The best time to visit Alleppey would be from October to February. The place tends to really heat up during the day and the best way to take in the blooming water lilies while sipping on coconut water, would be the shaded boats that ply to take you on rides through the day. While we stayed at a luxury houseboat the first time we were here, we would not advice you to make it an overnight stay unless you’re fine with a few creepy crawlies coming in to say a hello.

The resorts we favoured during our stays were the Kondai Lip Backwater Heritage Resort and The Deshadan Backwater Resort.

Kondai Lip made us fall in love with it as soon as we reached. It was, in it’s isolation, the ideal place to spend a romantic couple of days for our newly married selves and we adored everything about it. The canoe ride that circles around in the moat before it takes you to the secluded wooden beauty that the entire place is.


I could wax poetic about the place. We loved the wooden structures, the individual cottages and the brass decoratives.


The food was all locally sourced and so fresh! Whether it was the wonderfully cooling kokum juice that was the elixir that welcomed us or the beautiful kerala parrota’s with chickpea curry that we had for breakfast the day after.


The staff is not only very warm and welcoming, what adds to the charm is that everyone is traditionally attired. They have the most beautiful lakes, one of which you can wake up early to fish from! We did not go fishing but seeing the huge beauties jump up in the lake made me squeal with happiness. The only thing that made us sad here was the part when we had to leave.



The Deshadan chain has this beauty right at the shore and has the Taj property flanking it.


We were in luck as two of our rooms were upgraded from being Superior Lake view rooms to Lake view rooms with private dip pools. The property itself is beautiful but the view and feel these individual pools give you, as you sit with your feet or yourself immersed in the water and look out at the lake, is unsurpassed.


They have tried to create the feel of an infinity pool and succeeded, almost. The breakfast spread is varied and pretty good. They even arrange day or overnight trips on houseboats and we took the former. Staff is once again, extremely helpful and warm. The spa was also frequented by some of us and they found it pretty good.


The luxury stay on a houseboat, taken on our earlier trip, started wonderfully with refreshing fresh juices and the most luxuriant kerala thali.


We still drool when we think of the food we had on the boat. The two guys on board were extremely friendly and the room was pretty well equipped with an air conditioner and a fairly nice bathroom. Tea and dinner were served on board as well, and though not as spectacular as the lunch, were pretty nice.


The morning boat ride


The pretty backwater lanes
The Lilies are in abundance
Going to school
Or to your work
Makeshift bridges
IMG_1238 1
A docked house boat

All the houseboats need to dock at night and so did ours, the covers were pulled on the boat as it prepared itself for a nighty night. What we had not taken into account earlier, however, was the huge cockroaches flying in at night. The guys dealt with the best they could but it clearly is something that is part and parcel of staying on a swampy lake. Hence the earlier warning. On to our next destination..


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